Assembly Passes State Take Over of Funding for Indigent Legal Services

On June 2, 2016 the NYS Assembly unanimously passed the state takeover of funding for Indigent Legal Services. Thank you Patricia Fahy for State Assembly and Assemblymembers for this historic move. Now we need New York State Senate to do the same.

“I am pleased that the New York State Assembly today passed legislation (A06202) sponsored by Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy to require the state to assume the cost of indigent legal defense currently paid by counties in New York. My office crafted this bill and submitted it to Assemblymember Fahy for sponsorship. We crafted this legislation to ensure that all people accuse...d of crimes receive effective legal representation if they cannot afford a lawyer. In light of recent litigation settled by the state, it is crucial that the state funds indigent legal defense so that all defendants receive the same quality representation. I am confident that with the support of Senator John DeFrancisco that the Senate will pass the companion bill in the remaining days of the legislative session. I wish to thank Assemblymember Fahy and the members of the New York State Assembly for their support. This is an historic moment in our state.”