Innovative approaches through smart and progressive management. This is exactly what Albany County Executive Dan McCoy pledged over three years ago and it is what he is delivering every day in every department and in every program within Albany County Government.

It has been said that good government is an endless pursuit. One that requires constant commitment and unending vigilance. Dan McCoy will never waiver from that commitment.   For him that commitment will always be the order of business.

Our late Governor Mario Cuomo once observed, “The philosophy of a government is the pattern revealed by the line that connects hundreds of decisions government makes on a day- to- day basis.”

Over the past several years Dan has talked about those decisions- decisions that were far from easy.

About improving the overall financial health of the county, staying under the cap and not raising taxes.

About not compromising on the delivery of important and vital services that assist our seniors, our veterans, our disadvantaged and our disabled.

And about protecting the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Albany County. 

So connect the lines. The philosophy of Albany County government has been clear.  Government can be, should be and must be a positive force for the good of the individuals we serve. 

County Executive McCoy made a promise four years ago to the residents of Albany County. He has kept that promise and as we go forward he will do even more.