Letter: McCoy Knows Dangers of Crude Oil Transports

From: Times Union

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has made every effort to protect residents from crude oil trains. Being a former National Guardsman and firefighter, he knows something of incinerations. He has shown the possible catastrophic consequences of ignoring this threat at a recent meeting.

Meanwhile, the levels of radioactive leachate from Pennsylvania's waste going into a Chemung County landfill have been increasing; that leachate seeps into the Chemung River.

A plan for a massive liquified petroleum gas storage facility underground of wineries in central New York moves forward.

The Port of Albany heating facility awaits approval. And oil trains roll on.

Russian roulette is a dangerous game. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is gambling the New York City electorate won't be affected, or care. This may be true but, if Freedom of Information requests ultimately uncover oil-soaked campaign contributions, his public life will be over.

Many a politician has seen his career go up in smoke from dealing with the devil. If it isn't too late, the governor should learn from our county executive and not get burned.

George HebertCohoes