Land Bank Moves Forward with County Funding;

Proposal for Additional $500,000 in 2016

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy, County Legislature Chairman Shawn Morse, Majority Leader Frank Commisso, and Land Bank officials Charles Touhey and Katie Bronson held a news conference today where the county leaders presented its second round of funding for the Albany County Land Bank.

Today’s news conference and check presentation fulfills the $1 million investment by the county over the last two years to fund the start-up of the land bank. In October of 2014 the land bank corporation was awarded $2.8 million from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to fund revitalization projects and property acquisition in the county. Since then the land bank acquired 123 properties, created a uniform property purchase application and side lot application that will get properties into the hands of responsible owners.   

“I am pleased to see the great progress that has been made to rejuvenate our neighborhoods over the last year,” said McCoy. “I want to commend the board and staff for working with the county to establish a viable framework to be proactive and to bring our neighborhoods back.  It doesn’t happen overnight and that’s why I’d like to announce that I am including another $500,000 commitment to the land bank in the 2016 budget which will bring our total contribution to $1.5 million.”

"The Albany County Land Bank Corporation wants to thank County Executive Dan McCoy and the Albany County Legislature for their funding, support and encouragement," said Charles Touhey, Chairman of the Albany County Land Bank Board of Directors. "With this new round of funding, the Albany County Land Bank will continue to grow and become a powerful tool for revitalization by turning vacant and abandoned properties back into assets throughout the County." 

Shawn Morse, Chairman of the Albany County Legislature said: ““Today we are reaffirming our commitment to combat blight across Albany County. I am proud to have been a part of creating our land bank and even prouder to be witness to the results it is producing. I am very excited to be here in the City of Cohoes and look forward to the success stories that will be created here. While we have much yet to accomplish, we are making good headway on an issue that has been decades in the making.”

“It is very exciting that we have an opportunity to improve blighted areas in Albany County,” said Frank Commisso, Democratic Majority Leader. “This second payment of $500,000 to the Albany County Land Bank will go a long way to continue to fighting blight and sustain our mission, I am also very grateful for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s ongoing support in this initiative.”

“I am both pleased and proud of Albany County’s commitment to the land bank,” said Gil Ethier, Albany County Legislator.  “This building on Main Street where we are today is being rehabilitated thanks to the land bank and that will help breathe new life into this neighborhood.”